PlayStation Vita TV Hack Increases Game Compatibility!

/ 2 years ago


So this such a simple hack, it’s almost an insult to the owners of the devices! The PlayStation TV didn’t launch with much fanfare, mostly due to the limited game support and lack of apps, which pale when compared to some of the other similar smart TV devices that are on the market.

Hackinformer Forum user “mr.gas” has found a way around this problem, by making it possible to play a lot more, although not all, software on the little device. The hack removes the need for the software to be on the white list of supported titles. Now here is the best bit, to hack the device, all you need to do is sent an email to yourself… I’m not joking.

By sending an email to your PS TV with the new writer.eml file attached, you simply open the email on the Vita TV and bam, you’ve got yourself an unlocked device. The trick has already been used to play Uncharted Golden Abyss and Netflix!

Find out how to do this yourself here, but as with all things like this, proceed at your own risk. What software do you think is missing from PS TV? Let us know in the comments section below.

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One Response to “PlayStation Vita TV Hack Increases Game Compatibility!”
  1. Hackinformer says:

    We even made it have more compatibility check it out here..

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