Pluto Probe Powered By The Same CPU As The Playstation

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Popular topic this week has been the highly detailed photos of Pluto sent by the New Horizons probe, however, these images were not taken using the latest technology available, the device was launched in January 2006 and was clearly constructed even earlier.

The specs inside this probe is a little more primitive than what you would expect to see in a probe today, the CPU powering this mission is a 32-bit MIPS R3000 processor, the exact one used in the Sony Playstation. And no, not the PS2, but the very original PlayStation even basic and low-end even by 2005 standards, but however it worked and is even still working now a decade later, even with the best efforts of being in space.

Quite amazing that the hardware has lasted this long and quite fortunate that it would last long enough to make it to Pluto and still be in perfect functioning order, the choice of hardware may have had something to do with it. It’s possible that specific chip was built to last. where is this probes next mission? If there is any alien life on Pluto they may get the chance to play some classic Play Station games.

What do you think of the probe using a PlayStation CPU?

Thank you kotaku for providing us with this information

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