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PNY Announces RTX 4060 and 4060 Ti Graphics Cards

With NVIDIA’s announcement of the RTX 4060 family of graphics cards also comes the announcements from AIBs for their respective variants of these new graphics cards, one of these AIBs is PNY with their Advanced, Ultra W, NB EX and Mini-V series of Cards.

PNY XLR8 Gaming RTX 4060 Cards

The XLR8 Gaming OC Triple fan design is PNY’s flagship available for all three 4060 variants. This cooler features a triple 80mm fan design with a sleek ventilated aluminium backplate to provide excellent airflow to the card. The card measures 304mm and uses a two-slot design. The card features a black shroud with RGB lighting in a striped fashion making an X symbol across the central fan, the RGB is minimal but tasteful.

PNY Verto Dual RTX 4060 Cards

The Verto Dual is the smallest 4060 series card that PNY has to offer with a twin 90mm fan design cooling the heatsink which is fitted with two copper heat pipes and a copper base ensuring great cooling potential. The card features a two-slot design and measures 245mm making it perfect for smaller more compact systems. The design of the card is very simple again featuring a similar X-like pattern of the XLR8 card but does not appear to feature any RGB lighting.

PNY Verto RGB Triple RTX 4060 Cards

Finally, we have the Verto RGB Triple RTX 4060 card which like the XLR8 card features a triple 80mm fan design with a more squared-off shroud again with the X-themed lines and cutouts. Like the others, this card also features a ventilated aluminium backplate designed to support the card whilst also providing additional airflow. This card has a 2-slot design and comes in at a 260mm length.


The PNY RTX 4060 Ti 8GB models are available from May 24th from an MSRP of $399. You can learn more at

Jakob Aylesbury

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