Point of View/TGT release the GTX 590 Beast to retail

/ 6 years ago

Point of View and their tuning company; TGT are set on manufacturing the fastest graphics cards on the market and today is another glorious day for them as they release the POV/TGT GTX 590 Beast graphics card to retail.

It features a slim line water cooling block made from anti-corrosion NI-plated material and a massive copper aspect for the best contact.

Specs show massive speeds of 691MHz for the two GF110 GPU core clocks, 1382MHz for the shaders and a whopping 3710MHz for the memory all in a SINGLE slim line graphics card.

The water block is made by Aqua Computer and features a copper and nickel plated material for the best thermal dissipation which aids in keeping the temperature around 50 degrees C, or around 30 degrees C below air cooling.

This all sounds amazing and like me are probably drooling over the thought of this card, but the dreams do have to be shattered by telling you the card is stupidly expensive at £755.51 at Scan but if you do insist on having a top-end water cooled dual GPU graphics card, then you better be prepared to dish out the dosh.

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  • 0erick0

    damn this looks hot… like my old gtx280 aquagrafx waterblock… great for (folding where it does reach 80-85c on air) but what i have heard… this new 590 cards are not getting great ppd on those 2 chips. but it still kickass.Hope i can get one of this this year

  • aruffell

    Apparantly you're right and the new cards aren't as good for folding. Sadly i'm an AMD graphics user so it doesn't effect me and i have to use normal folding CPU clients.Do you fold for eTeknix erick?Andy

  • ASadhra

    Just arranging a warehouse break-in operation for these cards. Gonna go get my ninja gear 😎

  • aruffell

    ASadhra;16254 wrote: Just arranging a warehouse break-in operation for these cards. Gonna go get my ninja gear 😎

    Ahhh young grasshopper 😀 Make it so!