Pokémon Go Pauses Its Domination To Fix Its Servers

After its successful launch,  Pokémon Go has experienced an uptake unknown for mobile games. With thousands of users wandering around their lives with their phones in hand hoping to catch them all before someone else. If you are one of the ones who hasn’t managed to get the game you may want to wait a little longer as Pokémon Go has halted its goal of world domination in order to fix server issues.

While the game is already live in many countries the rollout is taking a small break. The term “paused until we’re comfortable” was used by John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, the company that has created the next craze in mobile gaming. This means that even while users in the US are able to download the game they are often left unable to play and experience the joy of finding a wild Pokémon. Sadly this means that countries like the UK will have to wait a little longer before the game launches, something that is bound to upset many.

With so many people looking forward to getting the game, even if you manage to get it on your phone before its official release you won’t be able to connect and enjoy the thrill of playing as your favourite Pokémon master, yourself!

Gareth Andrews

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