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Pokémon Go Players Are Being Mugged

Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm, with players all over wanting to catch them all and become the ultimate Pokémon master. Even with it not being released in some countries yet people have downloaded copies from unofficial sources in order to enjoy the game. This hasn’t been the case for all though thanks to a particular group of people who are mugging Pokémon Go players when they approach certain spots in the game.

One reported incident took place in the city of O’Fallon in Missouri. The police released a statement stating that a group of men had used the beacon function to lure players to a rather bad event. Similar reports have already taken place in St Charles and St Louis and are expected to continue with up to around 10 reported at the moment.

In Pokémon Go, you are expected to go to exact locations to interact with locations such as the item-granting Pokéstops or the battle-craving Gyms. In this case, players had used an item to make a Pokéstop more attractive with rarer Pokémon appearing, tempting more players to turn up to the spot before mugging them and stealing their stuff.

Due to the precise geographic nature of the stops, it’s not hard to find people playing the game and can lead them to areas they may not be familiar with. We recommend everyone be cautious while playing this game and avoid giving out your information to people you don’t know.

Gareth Andrews

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