Polaroid to roll out Android-based mirrorless cameras?

/ 5 years ago

Looks like Samsung isn’t going to be only one with an Android powered standalone camera. Polaroid is rumoured to announce the release of the first Android based mirror-less camera; the IM1836.

According to the photography website Fstoppers the looks of the camera closely mimics the Nikon 1 J2.

The camera will be equipped with a 30-110mm lens and powered by Android 4 with a 3.5″ touchscreen, 18.1 MP Sensor, pop-up flash, Micro SD slot with built-in WI-FI to sync photos and share via email or social media, HDMI and headphone output and functions such as Panorama and blink detection.

Also, to add that the lens is interchangeable. Who knows! Maybe you can sync it with Kingston’s Wii drive wireless storage???

This trend of Android powered cameras should pick up slowly but surely and something that many manufacturers would find it as a good choice as an OS to integrate it in their camera. Soon, we would most likely see this as a default OS for cameras as well!

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