Pop-Up Tactile Keyboard for Touchscreen Devices Developed

/ 3 years ago

tactus 2

Forget haptic feedback: for a truly tactile typing experience, Tactus Technology has developed a physical keyboard that literally rises from the surface of a touchscreen.

Tactus’ product, Phorm, is a case that fits around an iPad Mini that covers the tablet’s screen with a thin, transparent veneer. When a switch on the back is activated, microfluidics are pumped into the veneer, causing convex touchpads to bubble up exactly where each character on the iPad’s keyboard would appear. This provides the user with a tactile, physical keyboard that indents when pressed.

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phorm rear

The technology is still in its infancy, but Tactus hopes that Phorm will act as the prototype for integrated tactile touchscreens. Phorm is available for pre-order from the Tactus website, priced $99.

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2 Responses to “Pop-Up Tactile Keyboard for Touchscreen Devices Developed”
  1. Jordan Kytyn Benns says:

    ooh yesssss, if this tech catches on and gets more streamlined we could be looking at a trendsetter

  2. Porkalicious says:

    Now, if only this would actually fix autocorrect :/

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