Popcorn Time, the “Netflix for Torrents”, Arrives on iOS

/ 3 years ago

popcorn time

Popcorn Time, known colloquially as the “Netflix for torrents”, has finally arrived on iPad and iPhone. The open source BitTorrent client, powered by YIFY, has been available for Windows, Linux, OS X, and Android for some time, but making the platform available for iOS seemed impossible without a jailbroken device. Now, however, the app’s developers have found a way to install unauthorised software on a normal iOS device.

The first iteration of Popcorn Time, which allows users to stream torrents through its slick interface, closed voluntarily after being hit with copyright notices not long after its initial launch, but the project was resurrected by a group of anonymous coders who made the app into an underground success, bypassing ISP throttling and offering an in-built VPN within a relatively tiny turn-around period.

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Those interested in installing Popcorn Time on their iOS device will need to download iOS Installer – which is released on 8th April – to their Windows system, connect an iPhone or iPad to the computer, then follow the instructions to install the torrent streaming app on to the iOS device. A Mac version of iOS Installer is promised soon.

Obviously, sharing copyrighted material is illegal, plus Apple doesn’t take kindly to users installing unauthorised apps on its devices, so, on both counts, use at your own risk.

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2 Responses to “Popcorn Time, the “Netflix for Torrents”, Arrives on iOS”
  1. nmlokesh says:

    solution to Download Torrents on iPad..like movies, music, apps

  2. Mathew John says:

    Any way to Downlaod Torrents without JB. Thanks in advance

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