Popular Torrents Being Sabotaged by ipv6 Peer Flood

/ 3 years ago


Torrenting, a rather simple method of sharing files between several computers over the internet.

Unknown attackers are sabotaging popular TV and movie torrents by flooding them with IPv6 peers. The vulnerability, which affects the popular uTorrent client, makes it nearly impossible for torrent users to download files. It’s unclear who’s orchestrating the attacks, but it could be a guerrilla anti-piracy move.

BitTorrent is a highly robust sharing protocol that is not easily disrupted. However, there have been some crazy efforts to stop people from torrenting some of the latest movie and popular torrents. It seems as though the technique for sabotaging uses ipv6 to overwhelm BitTorrent swarms.

Because it is focussed on the Ipv6 protocol, not all users are affected. These fake peers request data from the downloaders torrent client and very quickly fill up the request queues. The fake peers never actually transmit any data but keep your client busy and prevent it from downloading torrents.

uTorrent seems to be the client that is affected, after a few mins of the requests, the application does block the fake clients IP but makes very little difference as they will be using so many addresses.

“This new method of peer flooding makes a lot of people think there are issues with torrents. From an anti-piracy point of view it is achieving the purposed effect,” the tracker operator, who prefers to remain anonymous, said.

Could this be a clever attempt at stopping torrenting? Who knows.

Thank you to TorrentFreak for providing us with this information.

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3 Responses to “Popular Torrents Being Sabotaged by ipv6 Peer Flood”
  1. Litvan says:

    To quote my comment on fb:

    “well for utorrent.. I imagine that under Preferences, go to advanced and filter by “ip” and then set “net.disable_incoming_ipv6” to “true” and problem solved…. (not that I’m an expert.. just had a quick look.. so if people do as I suggested that’s on your own… I have no idea if it’ll fix it for real)”

  2. Adam Lett says:

    Disabling ipv6 does seem like it’d be a very easy solution. They straight up couldn’t afford enough IP blocks to do this using IPv4 and I;m not sure if there are other additional reasons as to why ipv6 is needed for the flooding

  3. carol argo says:

    Why ipv6 ! It give them a broader window of opportunity. Time before they yell ,shut it down Obama is on us.

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