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Popular VPN Website Is Cloned to Spread Malware

With the increasing concerns over privacy online, many people have chosen to utilise a VPN (virtual private network) in order to essentially mask their identities. This can be particularly useful in instances where you visit websites with region-locked content.

In a report via TechSpot, however, one of the most popular VPN websites has officially been cloned with the fake version offering users nothing but some very nasty malware!

Nord VPN Has Been Cloned!

A website has launched with an address practically identical to the actual legitimate version. Worse, it even has SSL certification to make identifying it as fake harder! Offering amazing deals, however, it’s working hard to get you to download the software. Be warned, however, this clone site will only install malware onto your system.

In an official statement, Nord VPN has said:

Online scammers love to pretend to be trusted companies when trying to fool their victims. Because NordVPN is such a widely trusted online security company, scammers pretend to be us as well. They do this to steal users’ money or infect their PCs with malware.

Always double-check information if you have even the slightest suspicion. Also, never give out personal information that has no relation to our services or transfer your money via wiring service. If you have any doubt, always contact NordVPN through one of our official channels.

What Do They Suggest?

In order to avoid the fake website (and any others that may appear in the future, Nord VPN has issued the following advice:

What NordVPN won’t do:

1 – NordVPN only sells accounts on its official website. We only sell legitimate NordVPN accounts on our official website: NordVPN can also be found in certain retailers’ stores, the list is provided on the NordVPN’s website:

2- NordVPN won’t send you to the wrong website. Scammers use websites that look like NordVPN’s to scam internet users. The core part of NordVPN’s webpage URL will always be The only exception to this rule will be for users buying NordVPN in high surveillance countries that block our core website. If you’re not sure whether the website you’re seeing is a legitimate NordVPN website, contact our support team.

3 – NordVPN representatives will never ask for your password. If someone posing as a NordVPN representative tries to find out your password, they are scammers. Also, be aware of fake password change emails. You should never disclose your password to anyone.

4 – NordVPN won’t use sketchy email addresses. NordVPN official email ends with and sometimes or We do not send emails from addresses like or However, hackers can easily fake a legitimate email address. To avoid gettings fooled, always check whether the link in an email redirects to a legitimate NordVPN website with a URL starting with

5 – NordVPN does not make phone calls. NordVPN’s official means of communication are email, the support chat on our website, our official Twitter (@NordVPN), or our official Facebook page: Do not trust connections outside of these communication tools.

So, if you were planning on downloading this or any other VPN software, Beware and be aware! As Nord VPN rightly say, where’s there’s a popular program, they’ll always be someone trying to exploit it!

What do you think? Do you use any VPN software? If so, which do you use? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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