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Portable Smartphone Battery Pack Roundup Review

Tt eSPORTS 8800mAh Power Bank

The last item in this round-up is from a commonly seen peripheral manufacturer, Tt eSPORTS. This is their first foray into mobile charging devices as this product seems to be a direct copy and re-brand of their LUXA 2 EnerG 8800mAh Portable Power Bank, likely due to Tt eSPORTS and LUXA2 being sub-brands of Thermaltake – a case, cooler and power supply manufacturing company.

Comparing this to the previously talked about LUXA2 PL3, 10,400 mAh, this Tt eSPORTS power bank is quite a heavy device and provides the user with 2.1A and 1A outlet ports, as seen with almost all of the above products. Unfortunately we were unable to find any pricing for this Tt eSPORTS release but we found its exact copy, the EnerG for only $29.99 with free shipping on Amazon.

At $29.99 the price is amazing – you’ll be paying around the same price as Patriot’s FUEL+ offering, but with almost twice the included capacity. Before you buy one of these for every single member of your family this upcoming Christmas – it seems that Amazon is trying to clear out this model as it may be reaching the end of the line. Alongside this, the LUXA2 PL3 offers around 2,000 more mAh capacity contained in a slightly smaller, and considerable lighter, package.

All of this aside, the Tt eSPORTS 8800 mAh Power Bank has been my go-to device when traveling on long trips. Thanks to its large capacity, an awesome designed LED indicator and the ability to charge two devices at once, I’ve taken it on many interstate journeys to date. The only thing that really sucks is when you forget to charge the battery yourself – then you’re left with a lot of flat products!

To help you judge the size of each model, we will be comparing them next to a standard SATA 3.5-inch hard drive.

To help you judge the charging capacity that these batteries hold within, we’ll show you how many times they will charge various devices from 0 to 100 percent:

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 – 314%
  • Samsung Galaxy note 4 – 273%
  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus – 301%
  • Apple iPhone 6 – 486%
  • Motorola Nexus 6 – 273%
  • HTC One M8 – 338%

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Chris Smith

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