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Portable Smartphone Battery Pack Roundup Review

Final Thoughts

Although it is hard to directly rank power bank products, as they generally vary a lot in capacity, they do all contain a price-point and similar features. If massive space is what you’re after, you cannot go past the LUXA 2 PL3 10400 mAh which offers a large capacity option wrapped up in a nice leather covering at a decent price. However, if price is your constraint we would suggest nabbing yourself an Arctic Power bank 4000, because at under $15 USD it’s a complete steal.

Sometimes the age-old saying “you get what you pay for” rings true across technology. If you’re looking for a handy device and have both Android and iOS devices in your household, we highly recommend you spend the extra coin and purchase yourself a TYLT Energi 5k+ or wait until it’s on sale as it’s priced highly at $59.99 USD. This has become my personal device of choice, ensuring I never forget my charging cable (as it’s included) and also lets my friends jump in on the action too.

Don’t forget that not only does the TYLT Energi 5k+ have Micro-USB and late-generation Apple cables already wired in to the device, you’re also able to use the single USB port as located within the product – meaning that up to three devices can be charged at once. If only it was a little cheaper, we would be running through the streets yelling at strangers to make a purchase for themselves.

Once again,the full list of products reviewed here and their pricing is as follows:

  • LUXA2 PL3, 10,400 mAh – $49.99 US
  • Patriot FUEL+ 5,200 mAh – $34.29 US
  • Arctic Power Bank 4000 – $14.95 US
  • TYLT Energi 5k+ – $59.99 US
  • Tt eSPORTS 8,800 mAh – $29.99 US

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Chris Smith

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