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Portable USB Wall Charger Roundup



Once again,the full list of products reviewed here and their pricing is as follows:


It’s certainly hard to pick a total winner here as wall chargers are often hard to place in the same basket. As a consumer you have to take into account different issues with portability, wall connection, output rating, number of ports and more.

This means that we’ve recommended most of these products for alternative ideals, helping you see which product suits what purpose. There are a few different categories that we’ve put together to help ease your purchase decisions:

  • Ultimate portability: Arctic’s Home Charger provides a smaller solution which will be much more handy for travel
  • Share with friends: The Patriot Fuel Station Mini allows extra space and a 4-port design
  • Best home charger: The Noontec Powa Hub offers you 5 total charging ports and has the ability to prioritize needy devices
  • Just missed out: If Limefuel could just put two more ports into their Dual Port USB charger, it would edge out the to recommend the Arctic offering due to the retractable power point plug

There’s some other slight issues like the Arctic’s plug being completely static and located within the device, along with the Limefuel offering having similar issues, meaning travelers experiencing tricky hotel power point issues may render your device completely useless.

In the end, we’ve provided you with the facts and our thoughts – it’s up to you to decide what features suit you the best and what circumstances you’ll be under. For now we’ll be taking away the Noontec Powa hub for our own use at home in the kitchen and the Arctic Home Charger 4500 will be following me on the road.

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Chris Smith

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