Possible Next-Gen GTA V Release Date Leaked

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It may be Friday the 13th but this is far from bad news! Following the announcement from Rockstar Games on Tuesday that the next-gen version of GTA V will be releasing this fall (Autumn to us here in the UK) a screenshot of www.amazon.com shows the webpage saying the game is due to release on October 28th this year. As Rockstar have confirmed the game is due to be released in Autumn, this date does look like it’s the real deal, but, take this with a pinch of salt, the release date has not been confirmed by Rockstar as of the time I’m writing this article.

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The game is retailing at $59.99 or £40 which is a lot to pay for a game most of us will have already played. I for one am not too fused about paying the full amount a second time, the amount of time and fun I had playing makes it all worth while. The game is said to have exclusive features on PlayStation 4 much like it’s PlayStation 3 version but as of now nobody knows what the exclusive content will be.

Images courtesy of GTA Wikia and Gamespace.

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  • Thomas Shore

    Hopefully Rockstar will do a decent job at optimising it for the PC this time.

    • Merovingian

      It’s on the RAGE engine, same as Max Payne 3. Should be great.

  • zerocool

    Anyone know if it will make use of Mantle?

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