Powercolor announces the HD 7990 Devil 13 edition

/ 5 years ago

It really has been a long time coming for AMD fans, but finally the first HD 7990 is here. We can see that AMD themselves scrapped the HD 7970X2 idea and allowed its partners to develop the HD 7990 instead. Powercolor and the TUL corporation are the first to market with a HD 7990 graphics card.

The Powercolor Devil 13 HD 7990 features two Tahiti XT GPUs aka HD 7970 GPUs, these are clocked at 925MHz each on the core and 1375MHz (5.5GHz effective). Thus we know Powercolor are using HD 7970 GPUs not HD 7970 GHz edition GPUs – although they do provide a dual BIOS, by which the second BIOS offers a 1GHz core clock.

As expected Powercolor have added some hefty power circuitry to make sure this card can perform to its maximum. A 12+2+2 power phase VRM is included with digital controls, super caps, UHB and PowerStage IRs.

The cooling solution boasts three fans, by the looks of things 100mm, 80mm and 100mm in size. There are a healthy 10 heatpipes to cool the two GPUs, probably 5 per GPU, and these route through a dense aluminium heatsink for heat dissipation.

Powercolor have gone out of their way to include a “wiha tool kit” which allows you to change the fan blades and put in replacement reversed fan blades if you’d rather have the airflow go in the opposite direction to the stock set up. The Powercolor PowerJack is also provided which is a mechanism to support the back of the graphics card and stop it bending.

Two mini display port, one full sized HDMI, one dual link DVI and one single link DVI make up the display connectivity – 5 outputs in total. 6GB of RAM is equipped over dual 384 bit bus’, although since its a dual GPU card the two sets of VRAM mirror each other so you’ll only get 3GB effective.

Powercolor didn’t disclose pricing and availability but the announcement means it will probably hit the shelves within 2 weeks at the most. Given the GTX 690 costs $1000, we expect this to be similarly priced but that’s all we know.

Source: PR

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