Powercolor at Computex 2016

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Powercolor is well known for taking things to the extreme and while they’re still playing the AMD waiting game to show their new hardware, they’ve still got some cool products to show off today.

First up, their new LCS cooler, which features a block for a dual-GPU graphics card, just a shame we don’t have the new GPU to show it on, but it’s a nice teaser for something that will soon be hitting the market from AMD’s Polaris series. What’s really cool is that there are two loops here, ensuing each chip gets cool fluid from the rad. We can’t wait to see this thing in action.




They’re hardly lacking with air cooling either, and once again their R9 390 Devil 13 cooler is one of the biggest and heaviest on the market. Three slots deep, 8 miles long, fifty feet wide. OK not really, but don’t take this thing lightly, it’s a monster.

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Next up, we have their mighty Devil Box, a Thunderbolt 3 equipped external GPU case, with support for the latest and greatest cards from both AMD and Nvidia. Perfect for those who need a mobile system for when they’re out of the office, but need thundering graphics performance at home or in the office.




Their latest high-end desktop amplifier sound card, equipped with a robust amount of connections, Nichicon MUSE audio caps, 16/24bit output, and a lovely Cmedia CM8888 / Wolfson WM8741 chipset.




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