PowerColor introduce their “normal” HD 7990

/ 5 years ago

Well if anyone hasn’t guessed by now, then its almost a foregone conclusion that AMD won’t be releasing their own HD 7990. We alreadly saw Powercolor come out with their Devil 13 HD 7990 back on August the 25th which was a surprise move for everyone. Since that release, no other AMD partner, or AMD themselves, have shown any signs of releasing another HD 7990.

Now Powercolor is releasing another HD 7990, this one is a more “normal” version if you will. This version features dual HD 7970 GPUs at 900MHz stock and 925MHz each with the dual bios button on the rear bracket activated. Note the first stock HD 7970’s were clocked at 925MHz so this is a slightly toned down version – although with overclocking you’ll probably be able to easily hit 1050MHz or more.

Powercolor claims their triple fan cooler is capable of cooling up to 550W of TDP. The VGA cooler is more or less the same as the Devil 13 model featuring dual 92mm fans and a single 80mm fan in the centre.

Power delivery is still strong with a multi-phase design, digital PWM and PowerIRstages.

The Powercolor “PowerJack” is also bundled with the card, this helps secure the weight of the card because it is so large and heavy – it also prevents bending in the long run.

Pricing will probably be 10% lower than the Devil 13 version which retails for $1000/£800.

Source: Press Release


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