PowerColor launches Water cooled HD 6990

/ 6 years ago

Yesterday, Powercolor ancounced its new Liquid cooled LCS HD6990 graphics card:

The card will be shipping with a Factory Fitted EK waterblock and with that, will be a price premium. You’d think then, that the card would be crazily overclocked. You’ll be dissapointed then, as the card will ship at reference clocks coming in at 830MHz in the GPU and 5,000MHz on the memory, switching to 880MHz and 5,000MHz respectively – when using the BIOS switch located next to the Crossfire connector.

As for the temperature, we have been informed that the card can hold its own under load. It offers a 30% thermal advantage over the stock fan-based system when placed under extreme load and this, it is claimed, should increase overclocking headroom and potential. A single-slot form factor saves space and the use of a Volterra VRM solution adds to the stability and overclocking capabilities of this card.

There is currently no word on pricing.

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  • lucas4

    looks very sweet.a big bonus IMO, is that u have the warranty for it with the waterblock, whereas the majority of the time, adding an after-market cooler voids the warranty of the card :(!

  • Si KeVin

    I would like to see Andy overclock this beast 😀

  • SJTelford

    Yeh, unfortunately it's not the best card for overclocking to start off with. Andy only managed a stable 80 MHz increase from stock (gpu clock) whereas most the rest of the 6*** series can be overclocked by 120 MHz+ without really trying – we tend to expect 100 MHz as standard on all cards. Ok, yes with the 6990 there are 2 gpu's so that is kinda a 160 MHz overclock – but that doesn't count in terms of processors so shouldn't with GPUs! With the 6950 we achieved a 150 MHz GPU overclock.In theory this card should easily overclock to the 1 GHz mark but the watercooling system won't half need to shift some heat away! Simon

  • aruffell

    I'll see if i can get one, or get a waterblock for my 6990 😀

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