PowerWash Simulator Warns Players to Not Stare at the Sun #GoodAdvice

Although I presume that most are probably already aware of this, staring at the Sun for any kind of period of time is, generally speaking, hazardous to your overall health. – If you’ve gotten this far though, then I can only presume that you were already aware of this fact or you’d be blind and unable to read what I’m typing here.

It seems though that the developers behind the recently released (and bizarrely) popular PowerWash Simulator have had to issue such advice to its community. Not because starting at the sun in-game might make your eyes water, but more so that a bizarre glitch has been confirmed that could cause your game to have a pretty huge crash!

PowerWash Simulator – Staring at Sun is Hazardous to Your Games Stability!

Although thought to currently be an issue exclusive to the Xbox version, PowerWash Simulator developer FuturLab has posted on Twitter to confirm that a hotfix is on the way (no pun intended) in order to attempt to correct an issue that would potentially see the game crash is a player was to stare at the sun for a bit.

As per the post, it appears that a Lens Flare graphical issue within the game’s engine is accidentally triggering the crash. Let’s be honest though, with a power hose at your disposal, there were always going to be some people looking to find out if they could put the Sun out so the discovery of this bug, while amusing, did seem somewhat inevitable and more than a little coincidental given how a lot of us are melting at the moment.

In short though, as per the advice of PowerWash Simulator’s developers, please don’t stare at the sun!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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