pplkpr: The App That Judges Your Friendships

/ 3 years ago


A new app name pplkpr (pronounced ‘people keeper’) can quantify users’ friendships and tell you which friends cause you the most anxiety, and which make you happy.

The two developers, Lauren McCarthy and Kyle McDonald, designed the app to collect data on your social interactions – phone calls, SMS messages, and social media engagements – and how your body responds to them. A Bluetooth 4.0-enabled tracker monitors your heart-rate and breathing, in conjunction with a smart chest band, like the Polar H7 or the Zephyr HxM.

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“Most of the decisions it makes are things you’d have trouble making yourself and having something else make that decision can be a relief or sometimes it helps you make up your mind,” said McDonald to Mashable. “But there’s no question that a more complex or elegant algorithm would be able to make ‘better’ decisions all around, even with common day-to-day situations.”

The pllkpr app is available for iOS devices in the App Store now.

Source: Mashable

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