Practice Building a System With New PC Building Simulator Game

/ 9 months ago

PC Building Simulator Game

Ever wanted to build a PC but have been afraid to handle components? or Maybe you find it hard to keep track of the various component compatibility changes? There is a new simulator game available that might be the solution you are looking for. The PC Building Simulator has entered pre-alpha stage and is available for download completely free. Being in pre-alpha stage means that the PC building simulator game is not thoroughly decked out graphics-wise yet, although it is built using the Unity engine and it runs fairly light on most systems.

The objective of the game is simple. Build a PC with the allotted budget then assemble them together to get a fully working case. The components available are 3D scanned from actual existing components so their clearance compatibilities are quite accurate when put together. It even includes cabling and connecting with proper component headers. The game is also quite a useful tool to use for teaching new builders the ins-and-outs of system assembly without any fear of damaging hardware or the high cost of getting incompatible components. Since it allows users to actually see the components assembled, it is also much more satisfying than just browsing and assembling PCPartPicker.

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The PC Building simulator pre-alpha is available for Windows or Linux. It is a fairly light download at only 29MB for the Windows version and 38MB for the Linux version. The game is still quite basic for now but there are plans for a career mode option for a later update.


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