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Predicted Nintendo Switch Launch Games Revealed

The Nintendo Switch is an innovative home tablet/tablet hybrid which stands out from the current crop of consoles. Of course, the device needs an enticing software library to encourage people to invest early on and allow Nintendo to forge a rapidly growing user base. The company’s previous console had almost zero third-party support and struggled to release games on a regular basis. To be fair, the Wii U’s first party line-up contained a number of brilliant games which are well worth playing. Saying that, it’s important for Nintendo to learn from their previous mistakes and have a strong software line-up prepared ahead of the March 2017 launch. As always with Nintendo products, the rumour mill is in full force and there’s been some speculation regarding which games could arrive.

Recently, Laura Kate Dale, an insider on such matters, has compiled a list of games she expects to be released at different times. This line-up isn’t definitive proof but it’s based on numerous sources she’s spoken to. As you can see, it’s estimated that the new 3D Mario, Mario Rabbids RPG and Skyrim will be available on launch. Not only that, a Splatoon port looks likely and there’s also Just Dance 2017 for the more casual audience. Later on, there should be a Smash Bros port, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Telltale Guardians of the Galaxy, Mario Kart 8, Xenoblade Chronicles X port, The Silver Case and another port of Super Mario Maker! During 2017, she reckons Pokemon Stars, Sonic 2017 and a new Pikmin game will arrive. Perhaps the most interesting prediction revolves around Beyond Good and Evil 2 which apparently is a Nintendo Switch exclusive launching in 2018. This would be a huge coup for Nintendo given the amount of passion people have for the original game.

Even though a large portion of the games are ports, this doesn’t really matter and it sets a strong foundation for upcoming releases in the future.

John Williamson

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