President Obama Still Uses a BlackBerry

/ 3 years ago

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CNN reports that US President Barack Obama still uses his trusty old BlackBerry.

Surprising, considering he’s probably one of the few people left who actually does use a BlackBerry these days. Supposedly, the Secret Service and the NSA spent a great deal of time working on Obama’s BlackBerry, to make it secure enough for the president to be able to get his email fix without worrying about his communications being intercepted. The news that he still has one came after he yelled to reporters outside the White House that he forgot something before boarding Marine One, the Presidential helicopter.

“Do you guys ever forget something?” the President asked the group.

With a grin on his face Obama reached under his jacket to reveal the forgotten item. “Blackberry!”

Looking at BlackBerry’s financial situation, even having the leader of the free world as a a proud user probably isn’t enough to make things better.

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Source: CNN

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2 Responses to “President Obama Still Uses a BlackBerry”
  1. Considering his current lack of popularity it could make things worse for them.

  2. Wayne says:

    Newsflash: Older Blackberry’s may be rarity in established economies but in emerging markets they’re highly sought after and still used by millions.

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