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There are a lot of big names in the chassis market, and you don’t have to look far to find them. It’s not that often that a serious new contender enters the market, and even fewer of those survive in the long term. GEEEK, yes it is spelt with three e’s, is the latest contender. However, they’re looking to do things very differently to everyone else. Most of their chassis are built-it-yourself flatpack kits.

A buddy of mine managed to grab a couple of them while he was in China and let me take a bit of a closer look at the pair. He’d already built one, but the other was free for me to play with. This isn’t a review as we would normally do, as they’re not available at retail here just yet. However, we hear on the wire that could be about to change. We’ll hit them up for a proper review when that happens, of course.

What GEEEK Had to Say (About Themselves)

“Founded in Sep. 2012 and originated by a team of PC enthusiasts based in Taiwan. GEEEK is a company specializing in designing and producing clean and unique DIY “Acrylic” pc case. We do love what we do while doing what we love. Our company philosophy is Playful, Unique which means to be different from other peers. We really admire the DIY spirit of IKEA to sell the separated parts to customers, so that they can enjoy the joy during DIY the case and choose the accessories that want and install in their products. That is exactly what we want to offer to our customers. And, you will also notice we usually use “White” and “Black” to design our cases, because, we believe “Simple is beauty”, these 2 basic colours can go with any combination of the components. The feature of our case is that every panel can be removed and modified or replaced easily compare to other pre-assembled pc cases, so that you can enjoy the fun of DIY, just like the adult version of LEGO.”


Geek basically CNC you a chassis from various plastics and some metal tubing, and ship it to you like a bit of Ikea furniture. This means that all you eager modders and customisation fans out there, don’t have to strip it down. For those who like cutting up and painting their chassis to suit their taste, this could be very appealing. For everyone else, well it’s still just a fun project for an hour or two to put it together. How hard can it be?

What Have We Got?

I’ve got a still flat-packed A40 mini-ITX case, while my buddy also brought alone their A30 mini-ITX case which they had already built. For more information on these two models, as well as other models, check out the GEEEK Store here.

What’s in the Box?

When they come flat, they really mean flat. That’s the entire chassis right there! There are a bunch of aluminium rails, a bunch of various shapes of plastic, and a freaking lot of screws and washers. Something tells me this is going to take a while; if only to remove all the plastic film.

The rails are mostly the same size, and these will be the core structure of the chassis. If it were all plastic, it would likely warp and flex, so it’s good to see some rigid structure pieces included.

In the component box, you’ll find all the feet, the power button, the front I/O panel and cables, as well as all the screws. The screws are all sorted into a little box too, making them easier to identify and use.

When you get the panels, they’re all wrapped up tight in plastic, with protective film on each separate panel too. It’s a fuss, but it does mean it gets to you shiny and without scratches, so can’t really complain.

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