Prima Games releases interactive map app for Skyrim on the iPhone, iPad

/ 6 years ago

The company responsible for the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Prima Official Game Guide have done it again, by upping the ante on “cool”, by releasing an interactive map app for Skyrim for the iPhone and iPad.

This new Skyrim interactive map for the iPhone and iPad is an official, Bethesda-approved app, which includes over 150 maps of Skyrim locations. This includes all primary and secondary locations being marked, points of interest, world encounters, vendors, trainers, and unique items. This also includes all nine major cities and more obscure terrain of forests and mountains.

Author of the Prima Guide for Skyrim, David Hodgson, says:

“Since work on this set of guides began in early May, I always knew we were planning on releasing something truly epic. I’ve personally logged over 600 hours of exploration, and with the help and support from Bethesda, we’ve managed to create the most informative and detailed work I’ve ever been a part of.”

The free version of the app includes the nine hold capital city locations, with in-app purchases are possible which find other locations and points of interest.

Source: VR-Zone.

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