Print Circuit Boards Fast and Cheap With Squink

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3D printing has proven a smash hit, with people using it to create prototype products and a multitude of cool and innovative things. However, they’re not well suited to creating electronic parts, so what can you do if you need a circuit board or other internal components for your new creations? Well that’s where Botfactory computer engineer Carlos Ospina comes in which his creation, Squink.

Squink is capable of printing a circuit board much in the same way a 3D printer makes models. Best of all it can do it in just a few minutes, it can do it for around $2 and it’s portable! Squink hit Kickstarter last week and within three days it has raised $84,000 of its $100,000 target.

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It creates circuit boards by printing conductive ink onto specific materials such as photo paper and even glass, so while they may not be idea for putting into a final product, they’re ideal for rapid prototyping and testing of products that you aim to develop further.

The whole thing is still a prototype, but the Kickstarter is already gaining traction. If you’re interested in tinkering with electronics then this is certainly one type of printer you’ll want to keep an eye on. You can check out the official Squink Kickstarter page here.

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