PRISM Whistleblower Stole NSA Documents On A USB Thumb Drive

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Who would of thought that stealing documents from America’s NSA would be as easy as dragging and dropping the files straight onto a USB thumb drive? Well PRISM whistleblower Edward Snowden says it was literally as easy as that and that is how he stole the NSA documents that exposed PRISM.

Apparently U.S officials have been doing plenty of investigating and they now know how many documents he downloaded and what server he took them from according to a report by the L.A Times. All organisations that deal with classified information typically enforce a ban on flash drives and are supposed to have software in place that prevents them from working. However, given that Edward Snowden was a system administrator he went more or less unnoticed and his position gave him access to the NSA computer networks and the knowledge of how the networks are monitored for unauthorized downloads.

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A former NSA official commented on Snowden’s actions by saying “Of course, there are always exceptions. There are people who need to use a thumb drive and they have special permission”. Edward Snowden is currently facing an ongoing criminal investigation by the U.S authorities.

Image courtesy of the Guardian

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One Response to “PRISM Whistleblower Stole NSA Documents On A USB Thumb Drive”
  1. Danny says:

    All he did was expose the truth, a corrupt government will send him to jail because he exposed something illegal they are doing. I now very rarely use american hosted websites as I know they can get my data from them.

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