Privacy International Will Find Out if GCHQ Spied On You

/ 3 years ago


Privacy International, one of the human rights groups that brought a case against UK intelligence agency GCHQ for unlawful surveillance, has launched a new campaign to enquire on your behalf as to whether you were illegally spied on by the intelligence outfit.

To submit to Privacy International’s enquiry, all you need to do is enter your details here. The organisation will collate all details it receives and forward them to the Investigatory Powers Tribunal – the body that ruled GCHQ’s actions unlawful – for comparison against its records. The request is permitted through the European Convention for Human rights, specifically Article 8 (‘right to respect for personal and family life’) and Article 10 (‘right to freedom of expression and information’).

Deputy Director of Privacy International, Eric King, said:

“The public have a right to know if they were illegally spied on, and GCHQ must come clean on whose records they hold that they should never have had in the first place. There are few chances that people have to directly challenge the seemingly unrestrained surveillance state, but individuals now have a historic opportunity finally hold GCHQ accountable for their unlawful actions.”

Source: The Next Web

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  1. Kishin Ro says:

    whom to trust?

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