PS3 Skyrim Gamebreaking Lag Fixed

/ 6 years ago

While all platforms have had their own series of bugs and glitches with Skyrim, none are as bad as the terrible lag that Playstation 3 users have been experiencing. Caused when the save file reaches over 5-10MB, the game breaks down into a stuttery and laggy affair.

A patch released earlier today is reported to have fixed the issue, with files of over 20MB in size having no more issues. However, the patch release notes state nothing about the fix, and players are reporting that some textures have been lowered by the patch, which is as of yet unconfirmed by Bethesda. The only statement currently made by Bethesda is that the update “improved performance for long-term play on PS3.”

The patch is 92MB and updates the game to version 2.01. The fix is currently only released in Europe, but other regions will be quick to follow.

Source: Videogamer


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  1. see this is why you play it on PC

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