PS4 20th Anniversary Auction Goes for $127,000

/ 3 years ago


Sony Computer Entertainment held a special auction recently, selling off one of their incredibly popular 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 consoles. Sony promised to donate the proceeds to the Japanese branch of Save the Children.

The auction was hit with several prank bids, which had a negative effect on the whole event, but eventually the console reached a highest bid of 15,135,000 yen ($127,000). Unfortunately again, Sony then revealed that the bid had not been fulfilled and that the sale had ultimately failed, causing the sale to be postponed.

Good guy Sony kept their word and have pledged to donate the sum of the highest bid to Save the children regardless, with the addition of a sum of money generated by their “PlayStation Love Tweet” campaign. In total, Sony donated $127,278.

Why someone would screw around with an auction that was for a children’s charity is beyond me, but it’s good to see Sony put things right in the end.

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