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PS4 NEO Rumoured to Have “Smart” Design for Game Scaling and More

While Microsoft recently wowed crowds attending E3 2016 with Project Scorpio, Sony’s rival console upgrade, the PS4 NEO did not make an appearance a this year’s show. Sony did confirm the existence of the PS4 NEO, explaining that they were not yet ready to show off the upcoming console or it’s capabilities. With a GPU putting out 6 Teraflops, a memory bandwidth of 320 GB/s and potential upgrades to the CPU too, Project Scorpio will be a tough machine for Sony to beat and early reports state that Sony’s mysterious competitor will be weaker on the hardware front despite being a solid improvement over the standard PS4.

Now Tidux, an industry insider, has shed a little more light on the PS4 NEO’s capabilities. Although no specifics are stated, he states that the NEO will feature a “smart” design that makes it easy for developers to scale their games between the standard PS4 and NEO. According to his sources, developers already love the boost to the GPU that NEO brings and there remains the ability for developers to scale up their existing PS4 games to NEO’s capabilities.On top of that, Tidux reveals that the NEO will contain a 4K Blu-Ray drive, which may indicate that the console is capable of upscaling games to 4K on top of the ability to playback 4K movies.

As always with such releases, there is no proof that this information is true, however, Tidux has a positive track record for leaks, so it wouldn’t be entirely unsurprising if the PS4 NEO is capable of at least what he has let on so far.

Alexander Neil

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