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PS5 Controller Has 56% Extra Battery Capacity Over PS4

As we get ever closer to the release of the PS5 (which should happen this November) it has been perhaps somewhat surprising to learn that a good number of the controllers have already been ‘out in the wild’ for more than a few weeks now. As such, it was only a matter of time before someone decided to have a look and see what makes them tick.

Well, in a report via TechPowerUp, if one of your biggest grumbles about the PS4 was its poor controller battery lifespan, then you might be in luck. Why? Well, it has been found that the PS5 controller has an additional 56% of battery capacity.

PS5 Controller Battery Capacity

In the report, it has been confirmed that the PS5’s controller has a 1560 mAh battery capacity. A number which represents an increase of 56% over the DualShock 4’s (PS4) controllers 1000 mAh battery.

So, does this mean that this new controller should last longer? Well, maybe. It isn’t, however, exactly as clean-cut as that!

Bigger Battery Does Not Equal Longer Running Time

While the battery is significantly larger in the PS5 controller, it’s well known that in a technological comparison, it will offer many more bells and whistles than seen in the PS4’s design. As such, it may need a bigger battery simply to match the overall run time and indeed it may not even then last quite as long in direct comparison.

Think of it as having one AA battery in a clock and three in a radio. While the radio has technically a larger battery capacity, it’s definitely going to drain them much faster than the one in the clock and it might be a similar situation here.

All going well though, we have faith that Sony has (at the very least) found a way to ensure that despite the new features, the battery lifespan should be just as good as seen on the PS4. Whether you think it was good enough on the PS4, however, is a matter of opinion.

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Mike Sanders

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