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PS5 Game File Size Reveals A Need For That NVMe Expansion

While not necessarily so much of a problem when the PS4 initially launched, it’s hardly any secret that over the last few years game file sizes have started to increase quite significantly. I mean, anyone who has Call of Duty Modern Warfare currently installed will certainly be acutely aware of this (203GB as it squats on my SSD). As such, presuming you are still playing your existing console, you might find that new gaming releases require a little data management or, in other instances, the purchase of an external storage device.

Following a report via CNET, however, with file data sizes being revealed for some PS5 games, it seems that the 850GB storage the console is provided with may be set to get very quickly gobbled up. In other words, it’s rather fortunate that the system is going to come with an NVMe M.2 expansion port because, quite frankly, it seems likely that you’ll need it and possibly within the first year of owning the system!

PS5 Game Files Sizes

In the report, two confirmed upcoming PS5 game files sizes have been revealed. These include:

  • Demon’s Souls (2020) – 66GB
  • Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Launch Edition – 105GB

With just these two games having the potential to quickly gobble up at least 20% of the total storage offered on the base console (and likely even more with patches and updates), it seems pretty clear that while 850GB may seem like a lot, for 2020 onwards, it’s honestly barely enough!

What Do We Think?

Thankfully, the PS5 will come with an NVMe M.2 storage option which should offer super-fast file transfer speeds and, in terms of installation, should be within the easy reach of the vast majority of owners. Make no bones about it though, with just these two games already eating up 20% (and lord knows how much the new Call of Duty is going to take up!) it seems pretty much guaranteed that unless you whip through your games library pretty quickly, the 850GB storage the PS5 is sold with simply isn’t going to cut the mustard for very long!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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