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The PS5 is Going to be a Heavy Hitter – Literally!

With the Sony PS5 expected to release around November this year, while we know that it is going to be pretty hefty in terms of its specifications, it seems that the German Amazon listing for the console suggests it’s also going to be pretty hefty in a more practical and physical sense.

With it suggesting a product weight of 4.78KG, this would actually make it the 2nd-most heaviest ‘modern’ console (from the PS1) ever released! – PS5? More like the PS5KG!

PS5 Comes in at Just Under 5KG

Although it is pending a formal format confirmation (such as a picture of a PS5 console sat on a set of scales) the listing would apparently confirm that the system is going to be unusually heavy. Comparatively speaking, while the PS3 will remain the most weighty console ever launched, this would see the PlayStation 5 (potentially) supplanting the original Xbox in terms of weight in your hands.

Not exactly ideal if you were planning on taking it around with you!

What Do We Think?

It should be noted that it’s unclear whether the weight listing is simple for the console or the packaging as a whole. Even if it did include the cardboard box, however, this will still likely still see the PlayStation 5 be at least within the top 3 heaviest modern consoles.

With it packaging a lot of improved cooling functions, however, that might explain where the weight has gone! Make no bones about it though, to use a Dark Souls term, the PS5 is going to be a fatty!

You can, incidentally, check out the Amazon listing via the link here!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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