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PS5 Scalper Gets His Stash Stolen at Gunpoint?!

It’s been well documented that since the launch of the PS5 earlier this month, scalpers have had a pretty huge impact on the already limited amount of stock available. Put simply, if you were not able to successfully pre-order a system, then the chances are that your success of finding a system available since (at retail price) has likely been exceptionally low.

If that is, therefore, the case and you want something of a ‘feel-good’ story (albeit, we use that term loosely), then one such scalper in America has just had a very unpleasant experience as, after grabbing 50(ish) of the consoles, and looking to sell them on with about a 100% profit margin, they have instead had all of them stolen by gunpoint!

PS5 Scalper Gets Robbed

Firstly, we should note that this news is not confirmed and, therefore, you should take it with a grain of salt. Following reports made on GameFAQ’s, however, this scalper somehow managed to obtain around 50 of the PS5 consoles (both digital and disc versions) and was, rather brazenly on their social media account, making people aware that they were available to buy at a huge mark-up.

It seems, however, that one person took particular note of this and one of three theories as to what happened can be made:

1 – In making contact with the buyer to ‘purchase’ a system, the seller, rather unwisely, decided to give out their home address. It is, therefore, speculated that when the ‘buyer’ arrived, with a gun, they decided to use that instead of cash to acquire all of the systems!

2 – Something similar, albeit some speculation is saying that in a prior social media post, the scalper just happened to make their address public and a local person decided to pay his house a visit.

3 – Following the picture of the PS5 systems, the person was doxxed. A similar theory to two, albeit this one doesn’t state that the scalper had previously posted their home address online which does make a little more sense. I mean, why would you willingly post your address on a public online forum?

Of the three, I find the first the most compelling, but, in a nutshell, regardless of the specifics, all the stories largely conclude the same way. Namely, that the scalper had all his PS5’s stolen at gunpoint!

What Do We Think?

Yes, we are entirely open to the possibility that this story might be fake. There is, after all, nothing much to back it up. At least, not at the time of writing. If true, however, then this does at least provide something of a moral that if you’re willing to try and screw people over by being a scalper, they’ll clearly always be someone else waiting to try and screw you over worse!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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