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PUBG is Still Banning Around 100,000 Cheaters a Week

With PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) approaching its third birthday, the game is still doing remarkably well. Admittedly, the ‘battle royale’ trend has died down a little towards the latter half of 2019 and I daresay that more than a few of you are happy that we’re starting to look to move onto new things.

If PUBG has had one major problem since its launch, however, it has undoubtedly been cheaters. In a report via PCGamesN, however, PUBG Corp. (the developers behind the game) want to assure those still playing it that they are, very much, still actively banning as many as 100,000 accounts a week for using exploits.

PUBG is Still Banning 100,000 Players A Week

Given the competitive nature of the battle royale game mode, it is always one of the most tempting targets for cheaters. Put simply, while it is possible to get a ‘chicken dinner’ through skill, it’s not easy and certainly never guaranteed.

While acknowledging that this issue has reared its head rather significantly again in recent months, PUBG Corp. community manager “Hawkinz” has been keen to point out that they’re not giving up!

“In terms of volume of reports that I’m seeing personally, and others on the Community Team, we haven’t seen this many for a very long time.

We understand there is a big uptake in the number of cheaters you’re playing against and we know how severe the impact is on your matches right now.

We often ban over 100k accounts per week”

What Do We Think?

Despite having a huge problem with cheaters, PUBG is still managing to (just about) keep a lid on the situation. Yes, if you play it religiously then you’ll almost certainly encounter cheaters on a semi-regular basis. A factor that (at the risk of sounding controversial) wasn’t improved when the game opened the doors to the Chinese market.

If you are sticking with it though, then the good news is that at least the developers are still very much in the business of getting those cheaters out of the game as quickly as possible!

What do you think? How bad is the cheating problem in PUBG? Do you think they’ll ever be able to fix it? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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