QNAP Introduces Browser Station for Virtual Browsers on Your NAS

QNAP has launched a new app that will give your NAS system yet another cool ability and it is the Browser Station. The app is still in a beta stage, but it’s ready enough that the company let it loose for the public to try it out. In its simplicity, the app creates virtual browsers on your QNAP NAS.

The new app will help users avoid complex VPN settings when remotely accessing data on the same LAN as the QNAP NAS, providing a convenient and safe way to browse the web and access protected data.

“People who travel frequently or work remotely can greatly benefit from Browser Station,” said Christine Wang, Product Manager of QNAP, adding “they can easily access LAN resources from mobile and remote devices without needing a proxy or VPN, and also download files directly to the NAS.”

With the Browser Stations, users can easily manage all of their virtual browsers with the intuitive management interface. Besides supporting encrypted access with VPN protection, Browser Station can bypass IP blocks to enable users to remotely access restricted data, such as their company’s private servers.

There are more useful features in this new app, such as the ability for users to specify a NAS shared folder for downloading files (including email attachments and from websites), users can install the QNAP Qfinder browser extension to quickly find and access their QNAP NAS over LAN, and the Browser Station retains the current status of browsers, including open tabs, bookmarks, browsing history, and more.

There are a few requirements to run the app. The QNAP NAS needs to be equipped with at least 4GB RAM and run QTS 4.2.2 or later. Container Station 1.7.2224 of later must also be installed and enabled for the Browser Station to work. And last, you need one of the following NAS models.

Supported QNAP NAS models:

  • TS-x53U
  • TS-x53A
  • TS-x53
  • TS-x53B
  • TS-453Bmini
  • TVS-x63+
  • TVS-x63
  • TS-x63U
  • TS-x70
  • TVS-x70
  • TVS-x71
  • TVS-x73
  • TS/SS-x79
  • TS/TVS-x80
  • TVS-x82
  • TVS-x82T
  • TVS-x82ST
  • TES-x85U
  • TDS-16489U
Bohs Hansen

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