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Quake II RTX ‘Shareware Demo’ is Released For Free

Quake II RTX

Last year Nvidia surprisingly announced that they were working on a new version of Quake II that would support the ray tracing technology offered in their most recent 20XX series of graphics cards. While the idea was essentially taken (and ran with) following an independent technical demonstration the concept in itself was quite novel. – Could ray tracing work in a game that was over 20 years old?

Well, the short answer was yes and following their own development, Nvidia has announced that the Quake II RTX demo is now available to download and play for free!


Now, there should be some clarification as to what you get for free. In basic terms, you are not getting the whole game for free. What you can do, however, is play 3 levels from the game. While this is technically a demo, it’s a rather expansive one.

The demo is essentially a remake of the original demo made for Quake II but with Nvidia RTX features included. This fell into the category of shareware and, I must admit, it’s been a long time since I last thought about shareware design and just how good it was in the early days of the internet.

Where Can I Try It Out?

If you want to give the Quake II RTX game a playthrough (remember, just 3 levels) you can do so via various online sources. The two main places you can grab your copy, however, is either via Steam or directly from Nvidia.

For the Steam page – Please visit the link here!

For the Nvidia page – Please visit the link here!

If you do enjoy the demo enough to want to experience the full game, there is good news. Via the steam page above you can choose to purchase it directly from Steam for just £3.99. Yes, it might be 20 years old, but Quake II is still awesome, with or without RTX!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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