Qualcomm Add Mobile Technology to a Bus Stop

/ 4 years ago

Qualcomm seem to be in the news a lot lately with lots going on including the unveiling of the first global LTE baseband chip and the introduction of quick charge, but now they’ve decided to have a bit of fun with unsuspecting dwellers waiting for a bus.

Qualcomm wanted to make bus stops better with mobile technology and decided to spice up peoples day with some very unique surprises. They swapped out the Metro bus route map with a simple poster featuring a URL asking if you’re bored and by the use of your mobile device, you can entertain yourself, right now.

With secret cameras dotted about, several people immediately caught eye of the posters and clicked straight on to the URL printed on it. Shortly after, some very cool surprises were in store for them including a ride in a Lamborghini or even equally amazing; dog sled.

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Qualcomm have opted with the slogan “We make life better with mobile” and while we can’t help but agree with them, we can only wish that this would be the future, but looking at the costings, it’s not financially viable. Kidding aside, this is simply viral marketing at its finest.

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