Qualcomm Has Opened Pre-Orders For Their Toq Smartwatch

/ 4 years ago


It appears that Qualcomm has opened preorders for their Toq smartwatch. It comes in a black model for $350 and is estimated to start in 1 to 3 weeks. The Toq Smartwatch has first been revealed in September when Qualcomm presented it as a Galaxy Gear alternative, having pointed out its better screen and better battery life features as well as compatibility with any brand of Android smartphone.


It packs a 1.5-inch Mirasol display, which is said to always stay on and should be visible without any back lighting, according to Qualcomm’s statement. It also features the AllJoyn Notification Framework, which lets connected devices share their screens and speakers to deliver text and audio communications across the network of nearby connected devices. The Toq is quite a nice alternative in terms of smartwatch lovers.


However the $349 price will have buyers think twice before attempting to purchase it, given that there are still other cheaper alternatives out there. But it is a smartwatch and software developers can fiddle with it a little. Who knows, maybe we will see other custom-made Toq ROMs in the future that might change our minds when looking into buying the watch. Also, for whoever is interested in acquiring it can visit Qualcomm’s Toq Store here.

Thank you Android Central for providing us with this information
Image courtesy of Qualcomm

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