Qualcomm to invest $121 Million in Sharp

/ 5 years ago

Looking at the potential of IGZO technology, Sharp and Qualcomm have set a deal which will greatly help the Japanese TV manufacturing company. Once the project progresses, Qualcomm plans to invest $60 Million more.

Qualcomm is a semi conductor manufacturing company. Sharp is one of the well-known display manufacturer however in 2012 alone the company lost over 75% of stock value in Tokyo Stock Exchange. Still, they’re ranked second for share in smaller LCD panels for smartphones and tablets.

Qualcomm is doing so most likely to use it to further their own development of mirasol display technology, which is planned to use low power and ability to see the display interface in direct sunlight. It will be great to see how this investment pays off for both.

This move however would probably let them own about 5% of the market share, however considering the losses Sharp is facing in the Tokyo Stock Market, even expecting a second consecutive loss. The money that they have received- and also $60 Million more if things work in their favour, this is what Sharp hoped to keep itself in business.

Source: VR-Zone

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