Radeon 6900 series pricing and availability

/ 7 years ago

Today being the launch of the 6900 series graphics cards from AMD consumers are hoping for a successful launch with plenty of stock and reasonable prices. This is more than we can say for the likes of the GTX 580 from Nvidia which gives fantastic performance if you’re able to get hold of one.

Luckily there are a lot of retailers out there who are fulfilling orders for various different brands of 6950s and 6970’s and we thought that it would be suitable if we gave you all of the information on the main UK retailers and their stock availability and pricing.

Radeon 6950

CCL OnlineAsus 6950Sold Out!£246.60
Sapphire 6950Pre-Order!£247.00
XFX 6950Pre-Order!£239.76
DabsSapphire 6950Pre-Order!£243.70
EbuyerPowerColor 6950In Stock!£220.89
Sapphire 6950Pre-Order!£223.22
XFX 6950Pre-Order!£223.21
Ginger 6No products availableN/AN/A
NovatechNo products availableN/AN/A
Overclockers UKHIS 6950In Stock!£219.99
OcUK 6950Pre-Order!£214.99
Sapphire 6950Pre-Order!£249.99
XFX 6950Pre-Order!£229.99
ScanAsus 6950 OCPre-Order!£241.69
Gigabyte 6950Pre-Order!£241.69
MSI 6950Pre-Order!£267.54
Sapphire 6950Pre-Order!£249.92
XFX 6950Pre-Order!£226.41

Taking a look at the stock of the 6950 we can see that only two retailers are stocking the cards with the mass amount being on pre-order. This is fine if you’re happy to order a PowerColor card or the more favoured HIS card that we reviewed earlier today.

Radeon 6970

CCL OnlineAsus 6970Sold Out!£306.10
Sapphire 6970 BC2 Vietnam EditionPre-Order!£306.49
Sapphire 6970 BC2 Vietnam Edition CasePre-Order!£334.05
VTX3D 6970Pre-Order!£285.00
XFX 6970Pre-Order!£297.92
DabsSapphire 6970Pre-Order!£308.06
EbuyerPowerColor 6970In Stock!£283.18
Sapphire 6970Pre-Order!£276.13
Sapphire 6970 BFBC2 Vietnam Special EditonPre-Order!£287.72
XFX 6970Pre-Order!£276.12
Ginger 6No products availableN/AN/A
NovatechNo products availableN/AN/A
OverclockersAsus 6970Pre-Order!£329.99
HIS 6970In Stock!£289.99
OcUK 6970Pre-Order!£279.99
Sapphire 6970Pre-Order!£309.99
XFX 6970Pre-Order!£299.99
ScanAsus 6970 OCPre-Order!£299.26
Gigabyte 6970Pre-Order!£295.74
MSI 6970Pre-Order!£356.84
Sapphire 6970Pre-Order!£309.84
Sapphire 6970 inc BattleFieldPre-Order!£358.01
Sapphire 6970 inc Silver CasePre-Order!£340.39
XFX 6970Pre-Order!£279.29

It’s very much the same scenario with the 6970 with Ebuyer stocking the PowerColor version and Overclockers UK again with the HIS variant.

Now we know that this doesn’t look promising when you compare this launch with previous launches but we have been told that the above retailers will be expecting stock throughout today and the rest of the week but it is very clear that AMD had a very disorganised launch with the 6900 series cards, not just with the consumer but also with the press as well, but that’s another story.

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  1. abullo says:

    really helpful mate, thanks a ton. Time to get my Christmas gift

  2. aruffell says:

    Good luck in your choices 🙂 Andy

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