Radeon 6970 to have 2GB memory

/ 7 years ago

As we all know by now, the new Radeon 6970 GPU core is codenamed Cayman and as the weeks go on, more and more information is being plumbed across the internet.

We, at eTeknix aim to be at the forefront of supplying you with said information and today is no different.

It has come to our attention that the Cayman based cards will have a whopping 2GB of GDDR5 memory and will be running on a 256-bit memory interface. This is great news in terms of the ever lasting AMD/Nvidia battle due to the new GTX 580 being said to only have 1.5GB of memory, but when looking at the real world usage, both cards won’t supply many benefits but it looks good on paper none the less.

Performance wise, the 6970 and GTX 580 look very similar from early claims, but until the official launch, nothing is set in stone.

Speaking of launches, it does seem that the week of November 22nd seems to be swirling around on the grapevine, so watch this space as we prepare for this highly anticipated launch.

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  • tilica

    Can`t wait to see the 6970 vs GTX 580. We want war!

  • thebigbadwolf

    devit;13773 wrote: Can`t wait to see the 6970 vs GTX 580. We want war!

    Red team vs green team, let the war begin 😀

  • buburuza72

    i`ll go with AMD on this one, i don`t know but i feel like they gonna give us a big surprise

  • tilica

    I`m not sure but this 580 from Nvidia looks great in performance. I have to check some reviews when i get back home

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