Radeon HD 7970 pricing revealed while Radeon HD 7900 series to feature Eyefinity 3D

/ 6 years ago

People are getting more excited as we get nearer to 2012 and its new technologies, with the recent release date of two upcoming Radeon HD 7900 series GPU revealed, now it’s time for a price to surface, once again through DonanimHaber who got some info from reliable sources among the AMD add-in board partners.

The add-in board partner mentions the European pricing of the HD 7970 which will range between €539 and €549, while the FOB price will be around €500-€510.

The same source mentioned the update of the Eyefinity technology on the HD 7900 series as well as other SKUs based on the Southern Islands GPUs. This update is set to be called Eyefinity 3D, and for those unfamiliar with the current version, Eyefinity is a technology that let’s you span your display on up to six physical displays, something that a lot of hardcore gamers have had fun with.

Eyefinity 3D brings support for 3D-optimized displays (that is 120 Hz monitors) which will let you create a large stereoscopic 3D display heads using a number of physical displays.

While this new technology may sound easy, it’s not a piece of cake. With the addition of 3D to an Eyefinity setup, the driver now has to take into account the viewing angles of the displays in perspective to the user, determined by the user himself, and calibrate the 3D image output.

As more information are released, or in some cases leaked, the next-generation “Tahiti” from AMD seems to shape up to be something more like a monolithic high-end GPU rather than a high-performance GPU. Yet you can’t take everything for granted, the authentic specifications and informations about the next-gen “Tahiti” GPU will be released in due time.


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