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Radeon Vega Frontier Edition Beats GTX 1080 Running DOOM

Despite its purpose as workstation card, gamers are putting AMD’s new Radeon Vega Frontier Edition through its paces. YouTuber DudeRandom84 compared the performance of the Vega Frontier Edition to NVIDIA’s GTX 1080 and GTX 1080 Ti cards. The results, while unsurprising, make for interesting viewing. Plus, while a workstation card, the Frontier Edition does have a “Gaming Mode”. YouTube channel, GamersNexus gives the mode a benchmark test.

Radeon Vega Frontier Edition – For the Players?

According to DudeRandom84, the Radeon Vega Frontier Edition outperforms the GTX 1080, but not the GTX 1080 Ti, running DOOM:

Gaming Mode Tested

The GamersNexus Frontier Gaming Mode test shows underwhelming results. Any difference between “Pro” and “Gaming” mode performance is negligible, according to the video:

The point of the Frontier’s Gaming Mode, according to AMD, is to unlock Radeon’s “full suite of gaming features”. AMD says:

“To playtest and optimize the gaming experience, the exclusive ability of the Radeon Vega Frontier Edition to switch from Radeon Pro Settings to Radeon Settings and back with a couple of clicks enables rapid switching between software features for faster iteration during development workflows.

When in “Gaming Mode” the full suite of gaming features of Radeon Software are made available, including Radeon Chill 5 and Radeon WattMan 6.

Game developers can also use the wealth of no-cost open development tools and software found on to optimize their next-generation gaming experiences for the pinnacle of AMD graphics technology.”

Ashley Allen

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