RAIDON introduce 2 Bay 3.5″ USB 3.0 DAS box

/ 6 years ago

RAIDON today releases the GR3630-SB3. The RAIDON GR3630-SB3 is able to synchronize with a PC to standby or sleep and give energy savings. The GR3630 accommodates 2 3.5″ HDD over 3 TB each and uses the USB3.0 host interface. In addition, it embeds the eSATA interface as well for more data transfer options to eliminate USB upgrade hassle.

The GR3630-SB3 provides both RAID 1 (mirroring) and RAID 0 (stripping) modes and can be configured from the front panel of LCD; RAID 1 gives users an instant backup as HDD to HDD data replication during access, helps to prevent data loss caused by unexpectedly HDD failures. And, RAID 0 gives the exact individual capacity corresponding to each installed HDD for a larger capacity option.

The RAIDON GR3630-SB3 is equipped with a 6cm ball bearing fan along with aluminum casing design, giving excellent heat dissipation to maintain a lower operating temperature during operation, it is perfectly suitable for the workstation environment. More information here.

Source: PR

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