Raijintek Announces Core Edition of Their Morpheus VGA Cooler

/ 3 years ago


Raijintek announced their new version of the Morpheus via a facebook post with a youtube video, the Black Morpheus Core Edition VGA cooler is presented. We’ve tested the original a while ago and it impressed with its ease to install and great cooling capabilities.

The new core edition is fully black-coated to give it that extra premium look and fit better in more black-oriented system builds. It has a mirror copper base and soldered aluminium alloy fins connected by 6mm heat-pipes. The heat sink itself weighs 515 grams and measures 254 x 98 x 44 mm.


The Morpheus Core Edition has a cooling capacity up to 360 watts TDP with its 12 copper heat-pipes and 129 fins. RAM and VRMs will be aided in cooling by the included 24 piece heat-sink set. It’s compatible with most modern graphics cards, including R9 290 and R9 270 series. The R9 280 or HD7970 cards need a shim to be compatible due to the chip design. Nvidia’s cards from 650 to 780Ti are supported as well.

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You can mount two 120mm fans to the Morpheus, but they aren’t included in the packaging. This saves on initial costs and allows you the flexibility to chose the fans you’d like. No word on pricing or availability yet.

Thanks to Raijintec for providing us with this information

Images and Video courtesy of Raijintec

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