Raijintek Leto Tower CPU Cooler Revealed

/ 7 months ago

Raijintek makes some truly stunning CPU coolers, and they’re set to continue that trend with their new Leto series. With a tower-type form factor, their latest air cooler certainly looks interesting. It is available in three variants, each with their own colour of LED lighting; Leto W (white LED), Leto R (red LED), and Leto B (blue LED). The cooler features a conventional tower-type design, with a matte black

Raijintek Leto

Regarding form factor, these coolers are pretty straight forward. They use a tower design, with an aluminium fin stack. The heat pipes use a direct contact design, and they feature a 120mm fan. However, it’s how they incorporated that makes these features stand out from the crowd.

The fin stack is finished in black nickel plating, which gives it a stealthy appearance. The 120mm fans feature beautiful LED lighting. While three heat pipes may not sound a lot, they’re 8mm thick copper and they should be able to shift a serious amount of heat. Unfortunately, Raijintek hasn’t revealed the TDP, but I’m sure it’ll be competitive.

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One cool feature is that the fan uses a custom frame. The design of the fan gives it a unique look, and that’s sure to be a focal point of your system build. The fan operates between 800 and 1800 RPM; that means it can deliver 67 CFM of air at just 29 dBa.

Sockets include the latest AM4

The Leto comes with support for all the main socket types. Sockets include the latest AM4, AM3(+), FM2(+), LGA2011/v3, LGA115x, and LGA1366 and more. The cooler measures in at just 122 mm x 76 mm x 157 mm, and the heatsink weighs 570 g.

There’s no word on pricing just yet. However, with Computex at the end of this month, we’re confident we’ll be getting all the info there!


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