Raijintek Metis Mini-ITX Aluminum Chassis Review

/ 3 years ago

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Raijintek are one of the hottest components brands right now, they’ve only been on the market a couple of years and they’ve already proven time and time again that they can do great things. Of all the CPU coolers and chassis products I’ve tested from the Raijintek range, every single one of them has been an award winner. They’ve shown that they can make exceptionally well-designed products, with great build quality, premium quality features and still maintain a budget friendly price tag; which obviously makes them very appealing to consumers.

The chassis I’m reviewing today is the Metis, a mini-ITX cube style chassis with aluminium construction. There’s a lot of mini-ITX chassis hitting the market over the last couple of years and their demand is still growing thanks to the booming LAN gaming market, as well as the need for sleek HTPC style systems and Steambox style system. The Metis comes in a wide range of colours, giving it a lot of appeal as it’s easy to find one that best suits your taste and to colour match to the rest of your setup, with the added bonus of a luxurious brushed aluminium finish that should look great in any setting.

This chassis may be small, but as you can see from the specifications below, it’s rather well equipped. dEspite its tiny size, it’ll still handle a 170mm graphics card, an ATX power supply, a pair of 2.5″ hard drives or a single 3.5″ hard drive and a 120mm cooling fan.

Raijintek Metis Specification

The brushed aluminium finish looks great from any angle and Raijintek has done a great job on the colour, the red really pops out and this is certainly a chassis you will want up on top of your desk where it can be seen. The left side panel is held in place by four small screws and there’s a little extra ventilation to help improve airflow within the chassis.

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Many of us love to show off our build, so you’ll be happy to know that you can get a Metis with a side panel window. If you don’t want the window, you can get the Metis with another ventilated side panel; just like the one on the left side of the chassis.


A nice clean look on the front of the chassis, with just a small Raijintek logo at the front and the nicely designed power button at the top.


The curvy edges of the chassis look great, but I especially like the angled and polished edge of the front panel. On the top of the chassis you’ll find a pair of USB 3.0 and HD audio ports, more than enough for a chassis of this size.


Around the back you’ll notice that the motherboard is mounted inverted, with the expansion slots at the top of the chassis. There’s a PSU pass through cable at the back, since the PSU is mounted toward the front of the chassis.


There’s a range of rubber washers and keyhole cut-outs on the base of the chassis, this makes it nice and each to directly mount your hard drives to the base of the interior of the chassis. The PSU mounts vertically at the front of the chassis, as you can see from the huge cut-out there. There’s also four thick rubber feet that will help reduce and vibrations from the chassis, whilst also stopping it from sliding around your desktop.


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